Tuesday 21 April 2015

Miniature update I

The Title already said it a bit (see what I did there?). This will be a rather small update compared to the others. But no worries the future holds great things. I got a new camera today and I am absolutely in love with it. I tried it out on a few mini's I'm currently working on.

First is the first of the Skitarii that I finished. It still needs basing but I'm waiting for some basing materials for it.

Second is a group of Guardsmen that are making a last stand (or are they?) I am working on a little campaign and they will have a nice role in there. Any progress will of course feature here. The last couple of days I did not have a camera at my disposal but I could not wait to start painting these mini's. So I started already but I do not want to show you half work so I gave the picture a big blue filter. These will be the first and likely the will get two more friends, so stay tuned! 

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