Monday 18 January 2021

Glorious Charge

 Hey there everyone. 

Thank you all so much for the kind words. I have been working on some new things. I have been working on some miniatures that are not intended for a specific force yet. The ultimate dream is to have those two armies standing and have all kinds of miniatures besides that to create new fun combinations with. 

I started working on some knights. slightly converted the falling knight from claymore as I feel that making your own troops die in modelling already is a bad omen for your winrate in games. I might eventually do one for pictures though. It is after all a very nice sculpt regardles. For now enjoy the picture I made with the knights. I simply named it: Glorious Charge

Here the knights seperately:

I hope you like them!

Saturday 9 January 2021

To Arms

 To arms! The project is good and well underway now. I have finished painting another unit. Naturally I had to take a picture with them dubbed "To Arms".

This unit has quickly become one of my favorite units I've ever made. The miniatures all stand in very interesting poses and really invite a closer look. Besides that the colours are great. I like it so much that I have decided to make this scheme the main one for my army. Naturally I will ad all kinds of other troops and randomly painted cool miniatures but I would like to have 2 armies with a distinct style and scheme to represent 2 warring factions. 

For these guys I got the idea from the movie Robin Hood. In the Chalus Battle Scene at the start of the film you can see this banner atop a tower: 

I fell in love with it and had to build forces around it. So I am. Not perse as Chalus forces but just because I like the banner. 

Here is the first unit.

I hope you like them!

Sunday 3 January 2021

I Have Returned

 April 2020 was my last post. Holy moly. I should have kept the blog going a bit better. 

I did have the Covids around that time and ever since then my energy levels have dropped massively. I have also been spending a lot of time working on my stream. if you are interested. 

I have decided to leave my 13th century stuff for a while and skip forward to 14th century with a large amount of Claymore Castings. those miniatures are absolutely fantastic. Besides that I have a lot of Perry miniatures that I havent put to good use yet. Once again I am just going to go for a credible medieval feel without trying to make actual excisting banners. It may happen that I use some that were actual used banners but this is either by accident, because I like the design or because I enjoy the story behind the real person carrying them in history. I converted some Perry miniatures to start this project of. Just one unit to see what I can do and if I like this project as much as I think I do. So far no dissapointments and here is the unit in a picture i dubbed "The Hesitant".

I tried to varnish them after I took the picture and I believe I hit them a bit too hard. They have become somewhat glossy which is something I tried to avoid with a mat varnish. It isnt a very big bother on the table and I personally don't find it a disaster on this unit. I will however be a lot more careful with it in the future.  

Saturday 18 April 2020

Mounted Experiment

Hey there,

I have recently started to try and pull my project a bit more together and I'm starting to ad some new things so eventually I can just pick which miniatures I like to have in my force for that particular battle. This planning forward struck me with some creativity and I cut up a few horses to make this new one. The rest of him is a kitbash of all kinds of medieval kits. He will get some friends in the near future. I hope you like him!