Monday, 30 March 2020

Ironclad Reinforcements III

Hey there,

I've been working on patching up some miniatures that didn't really have a purpose along side others that have been standing half finished in my closet for a while now. I'm slowly adding more to this project in a very effective way and personally I really enjoy this. I feel I have reached a point where I have painted enough for at least the red army (except for the unfinished ranged and cavalry miniatures that I can just add what I like to it and that gives this project a certain calm. There is tons I still want to ad to it though so I won't be done anytime soon.

I also took a better picture of the guy I used in Dex Aie.

The two guys on the left I had painted once before. I changed their shields to the red and white I use on the others too so they match. The guy on the right was a miniature that was standing half finished in my closet for quite a while. More of these coming soon (I hope)

Friday, 13 March 2020

Dex Aie

Hey there.

I have been sick for a while now but I finally managed some painting again! I finished the Raimund of Toulouse miniature and I knew I just had to use him for a picture. I dubbed it "Dex Aie" after the Norman battlecry (I looked it up, but I'm sure someone will tell me I'm wrong soon enough) . I hope you like it. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Ironclad Reinforcements II

Hey there,

Small update today. I painted some of the converted miniatures. I didn't do all of them yet because I'm a little sick. Not really a little and painting with a runny nose is practically impossible. No worries though, I will get better in time. In the meantime these guys get to mix themselves freely into existing units, which I am pretty happy about!

Monday, 17 February 2020

Ironclad Reinforcements

I have neglected the Ironclad project a bit. I still feel most of the miniatures out there are not great. I tried to pull myself a bit out of the slumb by building some miniatures to mix into my units or eventually finish. I decided I'd slowly start adding to the armies until something conclusive would come out. Expect some more miniatures here a bit more often. I have been thinking of trying the v&v crusaders. Those seem like good choices.

For now I have build 6 more miniatures for the red side i've already made a bunch for.

I hope you like them.