Monday 18 May 2015

Boys in Blue, My Ultramarines

Hey everyone,

Today I will be taking you on a small journey into my mind and I will tell you why I collect one of my favourite armies.

The Ultra marines are Games Workshops box colourscheme marines and a lot of people seem to dislike them because of that. Calling them Smurfs and other weird names. I never understood the hate against these guys and the fact that nobody really likes to go for Ultramarines makes them all the more appealing to me.

When I started 40k I went through a lot of different armies really quickly trying to find what suited me best. Marines wasn't really an option because a lot of people already play them but then I read the horus heresy recap on many different websites and I had to build me a marine force. I tried my own colour scheme first which was something bone-ish with magenta shoulderpads. It looked really horrible. Then went to bright green dark angels. It was clear I didnt know anything about the lore at all but the more I learned the more I wanted a force that had strong Iconography a cool background and a bunch of special characters to make the legion proud. I wanted a force that would allow me to field anything I want fluffwise. So I decided to give this a go.

Ultra Marines are a cool, strong first founding legion with plenty of own style, special characters, marine bits and a very flashy colourscheme. And with all the different marine kits out there I was sure to be able to make a force that even haters would have to appreciate. So far I haven't had much luck with that last part. People see blue and gold and they are instantly biased.

I mixed in a lot of older armour mark parts to give my marines a bit more of their own style. I intend to do a great tactical squad still that has a lot of older armour mixed in there.

While setting my models up for these pictures I realised how much I haven't painted yet but that also means I will be able to show a lot of progress for the army on here.

This is everything that is painted and based (which means there is a lot more that is painted but still has a black base)

Here are some close ups of both the tactical squads

The Techmarine with his servitors.

This Chaplain is fairly recent. He also had 2 great battles versus Orks and did a great job.
He still needs a name although I like to pretend it is Cassius in a Terminator armor.

My Sternguard
And the Bossman himself. Marneus Calgar

I generally play two vast army lists. One is 1000 points and the other 1500. They both feature a few other squads and tactics to keep things fresh. To give you some Idea of what might still come below are some models I have done for their squads but not yet the others.

Assault terminator sergeant for the 1000 points list.

And a centurion sergeant for the 1500 point list (sadly not yet based.

I hope this gives a nice look into one of my armies I wish to feature here more often.
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  1. Cool photos. I like the way took the photo of the Centurion. :D Clever, clever. The army looks great so far. You still need names for the tactical squads though!

  2. I think I will think of some cool names soon. I likely have some written down already. This post did give back some of the feeling of being able to wrap up an army once.

  3. Again a great job Breazer! Loving these photo's