Wednesday 2 September 2015

Appeasing The Blood God

Hey everyone,

I have stopped buying models for this year. Whoooh! That is a big thing to say. I honoustly think that I have enough to last me the rest of the year if not longer. "But Breaz, what can we expect still then?" I hear you ask.

Well A lot of Khorne stuff still. I think I compiled my ideal warband for them. All you have seen so far is a nice start for it but it still needs a bit more.
At the head of this army is the bringer of glory herself, Valkia the bloody. I haven't gotten around to her yet.

Another thing I've been meaning to finish are the rest of the skullreapers. They are currently six. I posted one of them already.
I am currently working on two units of blood warriors. One unit will carry the gorefists and the other blood axes. Below the first two gorefist guys that are done.

These are the axemen.  I really love these guys.
I have 10 left for a cool unit with gorefists that will also get a standard. For now I'm content with just these two and I like to have something new to build in the future.

I have made another hero for them too. He can use the khorne herald rules.

I'm working on converting a nice korgorath. I'll still add the blood secrator, some flesh hounds and to round things off I will add some forsaken.
And that will be my khorne warband. The only thing that is still on my wishlist is the slaughterbrute but he can wait until somewhere next year.

I hope this will keep you coming back to see how I'm progressing. Please leave a comment to tell me what you think.

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