Sunday 20 September 2015

So Tiny!

Hey Everyone,

I have not been very productive lately. I wish I was more productive but I am lacking some supplies and my local hobby store hasn't been open much lately. I hope I can pick up some stuff coming week and get cracking on more models.

What I did finish were these Rum & Bones mini's. I have also been playing the game several times and I am starting to get the hang of it and I really love it. It's great, diverse and so full of character. It is going to feel so good to play this fully painted.

Anyway. I finished these Bosuns (for those of you that don't know what they do, they are basic crew but they boost the other crew members. You get 6 of the same models). 3 of them are done but I just quickly took some snapshots and later saw that they weren't all that great. Also I'm a bit embarassed because these are so tiny and it looks like I have lost 4 years of skill all of a sudden.
 And Mad Ivan is done too(This is one of the heroes, in the game you get 5 with each a different class). I made his base yellow to show his class and so he stands out between all the deckhands later on (You put a little cap around the base to show on what team he is). I redid his skin after the earlier picture. Most of these mini's are a whole new journey for me and I'm discovering new tricks for painting with each model, so bare with me here :).

This is Ivan in the artwork.

I will take a few better pictures when I have finished some more.

I hope you will tell me what you think in the comments or just say hi!
Stay tuned.


  1. Brilliant stuff! You've captured the characters so well! Very true to the illustrations.

  2. Thank you Jordan, I'm glad you commented because I'm still really insecure about them :P

  3. Hello, great work! Can i post the color scheme of the Bosuns? Regards