Saturday 3 October 2015

Crimson Clad

Hey everyone,

I have some more things to show you. My local games workshop has been closed for a couple of weeks and last week I visited there when they celebrated their birthday. I did not see the wonderful Slaughterpriest model come out and my awesome girlfriend decided to gift me one.

And new shiny things always spark new inspiration. So I sat down and finished some more of the Khorne models.

Slaughterpriest himself. He is such an imposing model. I made him just a bit taller by putting him on a rock on the base.

Maybe not my best work but still a great addition to the army. (I'll get there, you'll see, don't judge me!)

And the champion for the double axe Blood Warrior unit.

I hope you like them and will tell me in the comments.

Soon more Khorne, I'm also thinking about  a fun new project, something with a lot of knights(yeah maybe I should wait but we all know that doesnt work) and I've been thinking about a cool Orktober event where I paint some more of my greenskin for this month. If you have a good idea or something to say about what I should do first let me know.


  1. I love it! it's look clean and neat. No worries, you did an amazing job!

  2. Looks nice, classic khorne done well