Thursday 4 May 2017

Foot Serjeants

I have been playing the yellow piece in most of the boardgames that I play for a long time now. Ironically I have never owned an army of any kind that was yellow. I thought this would be a good moment to add some yellow stuff to this too because of the imperial banner and all. For my first unit of foot serjeants I thought it would be fun to have this unit from a town that lies on the lands of my leader (him being a noble and all). I don't really know how that would work if say there were multiple towns and say this one wasnt governed by a lord but more something that you would call an Exarch. A sheriff of some sort. I'll just roll with it and create the unit for that later. These are some drummed up poor souls that get to fight in that army.

Names follow later as that works better for me. I really like the guy with the trumpet.