Tuesday 30 April 2019

New Troops Arrive

Hey there friends,

The last couple of weeks I have been working hard on picking up my medievals project. I really enjoy coming back to this with new ideas each time.

My dream has always been to have this basic set up of two armies done and to just be able to expand on them with whatever I feel like. I am closing in on this now and I have never been more motivated to get there. Next to that I have been trying out new things to make my miniatures look more interesting. It is sometimes really tedious to have to kitbash everything but it also offers great options to try out certain things.

I have half of the white men at arms done with the speartip as weapon. They will all be carrying handweapons and shield. Most of them will be swords because I think its a very iconic weapon for medieval times. I think it should be featured a lot in my armies.

This is a small taste I suppose of what that "whatever I like" looks like. A unit with no set allegiance (like the red or the blue side)
I can just pick these up and field them on either side and make the armies a bit brighter and varried.

That brings me to my next unit.
They are an extension of the yellow knight I have painted before. He still lacks a unit but I really like his colours. Fun fact I always pick yellow as my go to colour in boardgames but I have never painted a yellow army before. Maybe this is a step in the right direction.

Finally I worked on the blue knights. Robert the Broken Hearted's own unit. I wasn't happy with them before and I think these look a lot better.

More cool stuff on the way as I try to make finish this before the victrix vikings come out. 

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