Friday 10 May 2019

On The Grind

Hey there everyone,

With the showing results I have really been enjoying working on these armies. I have been very motivated to round these forces out. At least the basis because I don't think I can ever actually finish these armies. I've talked about my dream of having these forces done and just be able to expand on them in all calm. I have some great ideas for future units but I will finish these first.

Back to when I first started this project. The command for this unit are unaltered miniatures except for the base. The rest of the unit is entirely new miniatures. I really love the footsore miniatures but I prefer the spears upright pose. I just love the sight of all those spears lined up. I think they still look dynamic.

The next one is also 2 altered miniatures. I made some knights to lead my red force in to battle. I wasn't too pleased with them in the end. Mainly because it didn't look like they were really part of the same army. I was also not too happy with the lack of head protection my leader had. I think it is a warhammer thing to give unit commanders a different weapon and a bare head to make them stand out. I do think it is nice to add a bit of character this way so I will continue to do so. I swapped out his bare head for a chainmailed head that I gave a little beard. He also got a name so Robert the Broken Hearted knows who he is facing. I named him Renault Bourdillon.
The rest of the unit is still being worked on.

And finally a fun little distraction. I have been asking some of my friends what if they got to choose it their coat of arms would look like. I figured if I like what they came up with I could maybe build a miniature to devote to it and add them to units swapping out some regular figures or a command. One friend had this great idea and I ran with it. There is a whole story behind his name that probably doesn't make too much sense to explain. You'll just have to take my word for it that it's cool.
This is Robert le Marteau

Alright, on to finishing the next bunch!

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