Friday 10 July 2015

The Dawn of a New Age.

Hey Everyone,

Today I wanna talk about something else for a change. And I didn't really feel like getting into the whole subject before because it just gets me frustrated but today I saw somebody burn their miniatures on youtube and trying to hurt a new community for liking something he doesn't. I think it is childish to want to do that but I don't understand the logic.

What I am talking about is Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

A lot of people are not happy with it and I simply don't get it. The last time I've seen people go this bezerk on the internet about a game was when.... yes unbelievably so, 8th edition warhammer fantasy was released. Now I personally am excited because I haven't played WHFB in a long time. When 8th edition was released a lot of my former gaming group quit the game and I slowly moved to 40k. I enjoy 40k because my models get to be seen. They are not hidden behind each other and they get to have their own cool things. (Thats just one of the reasons though)

I like Age of Sigmar because I think people want to play a game where miniatures they think are cool can be used. And I think Age of Sigmar does exactly that. It let's you play what you like. No fuss, just cool mini's with fun rules No pages and pages of extra rules and special this and that, just a simple 4 pages set up and some individual stuff per unit.

You want your guys to be great heroes or worthy troops or guards to your heroes. You don't want to die and not care about it. You want to see them do epic things and take out big monsters.
They couldn't before but now they can. That is at least what I think. I could go on and on about the narrative possibilities but I won't. Most of you will most likely have allready scrolled on down towards the pictures.

I guess this is just me getting tired of all the negative Nellies out there. I know my insights aren't that deep or grand but I would say I am a gamer and story teller at heart. I love being creative and making great things. That is why I have decided to pick up my old models again and want to give them new life. And what better place to show you my hard work than here.

I'll start with a cool Beastmen warband and later on I will do a great Khorne warband.
These are the first of my Beastmen models that I have rebased. The units are not yet finished but just to show you already:


  1. Well done in betraying the original Warhammer, do you know that thanks to aos will we never get anything new for the original Warhammer and it'll be soon forgotten?