Sunday, 31 May 2015

Breazy War Gitz

Hey everyone,

Going forward where we last left off. I decided to introduce you to my favourite projects and the things I want to put my focus on and because I have quite some stuff done of most of my force I want to set it up in the appropriate way.

This is my green tide! Ever since I know about Warhammer I have had Orks or Orcs. Several years ago (think about 6) I used to play them in Warhammer fantasy and they really sucked back then. But I kept at it and actually started winning battles. They are just a wonderful chaotic bunch of loudmouths. Somewhere last year I decided to bite the bullet and pick them up again and turn them in a wonderful army. It was inevitable to be honoust.

I named my tribe the Breazy War Gitz for obvious reasons. With a name like Breazy they also had to be part of the Evil Sunz (for those who don't know those are speed freakzzz. and Orks generally have smaller tribes when belonging to a bigger tribe and those can all come together and fight for one warboss) I do have to say I have been neglecting the finsihing of bases a little because there are so many orks to do. I will get on that soon so that next update they will look all done.

Right now I think I should show you some models.

To start with my warboss named Krash Skullmuncha and his squig Sam.

Some of his trusted Nobz:
I have to say the Nob units (will be two) are still under construction. One will be all klaws and the other will have a variaty of cool weapons.

No Ork army is complete without some Grots to kick around:

And Boyz. Lots and lots of Boyz (I think I own around 90 - 100 but so far just painted 30)

I love the Ork walkers so I have a bunch of those too:

To keep all these walkers walking I have Buzgob to help out

And my lone Trukk (will soon get some reïnforcements. It has a funny story. I thought I could just keep footslogging and win my games. But I got taught that Trukks are a thing you can't really go without the hard way.... my butt still hurts)

I am particularly proud of this one because It turned out so nicely.

That is my Orks so far. A lot more to come, so stay tuned if you like them. As always, let me know what you think!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Boys in Blue, My Ultramarines

Hey everyone,

Today I will be taking you on a small journey into my mind and I will tell you why I collect one of my favourite armies.

The Ultra marines are Games Workshops box colourscheme marines and a lot of people seem to dislike them because of that. Calling them Smurfs and other weird names. I never understood the hate against these guys and the fact that nobody really likes to go for Ultramarines makes them all the more appealing to me.

When I started 40k I went through a lot of different armies really quickly trying to find what suited me best. Marines wasn't really an option because a lot of people already play them but then I read the horus heresy recap on many different websites and I had to build me a marine force. I tried my own colour scheme first which was something bone-ish with magenta shoulderpads. It looked really horrible. Then went to bright green dark angels. It was clear I didnt know anything about the lore at all but the more I learned the more I wanted a force that had strong Iconography a cool background and a bunch of special characters to make the legion proud. I wanted a force that would allow me to field anything I want fluffwise. So I decided to give this a go.

Ultra Marines are a cool, strong first founding legion with plenty of own style, special characters, marine bits and a very flashy colourscheme. And with all the different marine kits out there I was sure to be able to make a force that even haters would have to appreciate. So far I haven't had much luck with that last part. People see blue and gold and they are instantly biased.

I mixed in a lot of older armour mark parts to give my marines a bit more of their own style. I intend to do a great tactical squad still that has a lot of older armour mixed in there.

While setting my models up for these pictures I realised how much I haven't painted yet but that also means I will be able to show a lot of progress for the army on here.

This is everything that is painted and based (which means there is a lot more that is painted but still has a black base)

Here are some close ups of both the tactical squads

The Techmarine with his servitors.

This Chaplain is fairly recent. He also had 2 great battles versus Orks and did a great job.
He still needs a name although I like to pretend it is Cassius in a Terminator armor.

My Sternguard
And the Bossman himself. Marneus Calgar

I generally play two vast army lists. One is 1000 points and the other 1500. They both feature a few other squads and tactics to keep things fresh. To give you some Idea of what might still come below are some models I have done for their squads but not yet the others.

Assault terminator sergeant for the 1000 points list.

And a centurion sergeant for the 1500 point list (sadly not yet based.

I hope this gives a nice look into one of my armies I wish to feature here more often.
Let me know what you think or press the little follow button if you want to stay up to date with what else is still to come.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Make way for the king of smash!

Hey everyone,

I finished the Ogryn and named him Robert for obvious reasons. He basically is Robert Baratheon in scifi version.

I also worked a bit more on Elferd himself. I took a bit of the giant mash of colours down. Muted some of the colours and added a backpack.

Here they are together with their buddies.

Done right in time for the campaign start. I know there are two more but I prefer painting a bit more on my armies. I'll make an update of what you can expect with a few pictures of cool stuff over the course of coming weeks. I am after all a giant hobby butterfly so it was already really hard sticking to just this.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The last stand.

Today I have a small update on the last stand of Elferd Beaumont.

Here is Elferd himself. He didnt exactly turn out like I hoped he would, In fact he is a bit sloppy I guess. Might go back to him later although I think the rest of the bunch will take attention away from it. Also It's not so bad when you dont take extreme close up shots but put him in a group.

His right hand.

And a nice shot of all three.

Another three left coming soon.

Friday, 1 May 2015


Hey everyone out there,

It has been a bit quiet on my front because tomorrow is my birthday. That is not a reason in itself to not hobby. There is always time to hobby and if there is not than I make some. But I have been told to not buy anything because of coming gifts. Also a lot of cool images popped up on the internet of more mechanicus models and I am liking quite a bunch of those. All in all, insecure moments in an already butterfly-ish hobbyist mind. I think tomorrow will bring quite some Mechanicus models but I'll have to wait. I am excited though!

In the meantime I decided to direct my focus a bit more to my militia last stand.
These two guys will join the group and likely round it out like this.

This fellow is a pilot that managed to construct himself some sort of lasweapon. I imagine he crashed and they found him still alive and manufactured some sort of mechanical arm for him.

And this big guy will be the brute muscle of the group. I wanted him because he would stand out and add a great deal of diversity to the group. He hasn't got a name yet but by the time I start painting him I will come up with something. Painting him looks like a really fun thing.

Stay tuned!