Monday 14 March 2016


Hey everyone,

I have been working on my models but I have put aside my orcs for now. They will come back no doubt but I wouldn't be me if I didn't get sidetracked.

I got the wonderfull new hundred year war miniatures from Perry Miniatures. I am in love with this kit and the amount of possibilities that you have to assemble your army is endless.
I have started a knight army some time ago last year. I liked the look of these early 15th century models a lot better than what I had. So I decided to sort of start over and just paint the Ravenstone (blue) side first. After I have a sizeable force I will move over to the Brightstorm (red) side and even them out.

Now initially I didn't have a ruleset attached to this but a friend pointed out that Lion Rampant might be the game to go with this if I want to play my army on the table. I haven't gone into the rules that much yet but I know that the game uses units of six or twelve.
So in order to keep things a bit easier for me I will likely keep painting batches of 3 knights at a time depending on how large the unit will be.

Anyway, long story short. Here are the first new foot knights with many more to come (I hope)

I hope you like them and will tell me what you think in the comments.

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