Sunday 3 January 2021

I Have Returned

 April 2020 was my last post. Holy moly. I should have kept the blog going a bit better. 

I did have the Covids around that time and ever since then my energy levels have dropped massively. I have also been spending a lot of time working on my stream. if you are interested. 

I have decided to leave my 13th century stuff for a while and skip forward to 14th century with a large amount of Claymore Castings. those miniatures are absolutely fantastic. Besides that I have a lot of Perry miniatures that I havent put to good use yet. Once again I am just going to go for a credible medieval feel without trying to make actual excisting banners. It may happen that I use some that were actual used banners but this is either by accident, because I like the design or because I enjoy the story behind the real person carrying them in history. I converted some Perry miniatures to start this project of. Just one unit to see what I can do and if I like this project as much as I think I do. So far no dissapointments and here is the unit in a picture i dubbed "The Hesitant".

I tried to varnish them after I took the picture and I believe I hit them a bit too hard. They have become somewhat glossy which is something I tried to avoid with a mat varnish. It isnt a very big bother on the table and I personally don't find it a disaster on this unit. I will however be a lot more careful with it in the future.  


  1. Sorry to hear that you had Covid but happy that you are finding the energy to get some more painting done. It will be good for your mental well being after having low energy levels.

    Great work and good job in keeping the Perry sculpts 13thC

  2. Great result! The theme of the Middle Ages is very fascinating. I will follow your project with interest

  3. Thank you so much for the kind comments