Wednesday 4 May 2016

Time To Set Some Goals

Hey there faithful reader,

By now it should be no surprise that I am quite the hobby butterfly. But this summer I would like to end up with some results that I can be proud of.

You have seen me paint all kinds of things for Age Of Sigmar last year. I now have set out three small warbands that I would like to finish up and use to play. I have not actually played all of these warbands to know exactly what it does and if they are fairly matched. I don't think it will change much for this project quest.

The idea is simple. These will be my 3 warbands I will work on.

They are Orruks, Stormcast Eternals and the Khorne Bloodbound.

For the Orruks I mean to finish the following:

1 Orruk Mega boss
5 Orruk Brutes
5 Orruk Brutes
3 Fellwater Troggoths

For the Stormcast Eternals I will finish:

1 Lord-Celestant on Dracoth
1 Gryph Hound
1 Lord Relictor
5 Retributors
5 Liberators
5 Liberators

And finally for the Khorne Bloodbound I will finish:

1 Lord of Khorne On Juggernaut
5 Skullreapers
5 Blood Warriors
5 Blood Warriors
1 Khorne Spawn
1 Blood Stoker

You may know or have noticed I have finished some of these models already. This is just to motivate me to finish something and to say and be able to show that I have finished actual warbands. I play a lot of these games with my girlfriend and she is not really a painter so she often picks up what I have done. Finally the most important reason for this is to have some warbands done, all painted and to just be able to add some new and wonderful things to them without having a ton of models staring at me wanting to be painted.

I will name this project, "Quest of Three Warbands". I will tag it like this so if you are still reading this and think: hey this is cool I would like to follow this without clutter of other random updates then just press the label with this name.

I would not be me if I would leave it at that. Next to Age of Sigmar I have aquired another game that I really like. I have been thinking about starting this game since 2014 already. I missed the kickstarter for it but the style appealed to me right away.

I am talking about Wrath of Kings.
It is a skirmish game by Coolminiornot. I believe it is still in it's beginnings and I want to be a part of this. I saw recently that new things came out for the game and without really looking at the new things yet I went over the different factions and decided I want to collect House Nasier and House Goritsi. After that I saw there is a starterset with both these factions in it and before I knew it I had it ordered.

This will be my second project. Like before I really just want some forces that I can add to slowly and just play with. This set contains 15 minis and I believe that is a very doable start.

To give you a quick overview with these two projects I have 65 models total and 46 of those left to paint. This seems like a really nice project to work on coming summer.

I hope you will stick with me to see how it turns out.

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