Tuesday 4 April 2017

The Solace Campaign

Hey everyone,

Some time ago I managed to convince a good friend to finally play a game with me. We decided on late 15th century medieval forces and we will use the plastic perry collection.

I was happy to start a new project with so many plastics to mix and mash to my hearts desire. 

I named this my Solace Campaign because I am at a bit of a stand still in my life right now. There are probably a few people that would get upset by me calling it this. The thing is that I am fighting the black fog of depression. What has managed to keep this at bay for a while now is making progress with my miniature projects. up until now this seems to be a thing that lowers that pressure for me and I felt it would be a good name for a project that has no significant background besides a style choice.  I really hope to build something amazing here and hopefully as I am working on this I can compare the progress of the army to me getting better. 

We decided to go with Lion Rampant as ruleset. My models will have a strong German vibe but as I don't know too much about the time I am allowing myself full creative freedom and mainly let myself be inspired by it. 

So far I have finished my leader and two of his men at arms.