Thursday 29 June 2017

My Better Half

Hey there,

I took a small break to create something for someone really special to me. Some time ago I got asked to be best man to a close friend of mine and she asked me via a model. A model? well yes, she is usually not in the habit of painting models at all but for me she found this cool black orc in her brothers collection, painted it and wrote the question on the base for me. I ofcourse accepted and as a thank you I wanted to gift something back in a similar fashion (since its really my hobby she did something with). That is actually not what this post is about though because having that Idea to create a miniature for someone else gave me the notion that I hadn't done this for my girlfriend. She may like to have something like this for herself too.

Now she has been going through a rough period and I see her struggling here and there but always managing to pick herself up again and start over where needed. To close readers of this blog (I believe there are few but if you are, glob bless you) will know I myself am having a difficult time trying to stay afloat. This hobby is a tremendous help and even when I don't like it anymore I can still find joy in it or finishing things. I figured that for me to give her a miniature would be one of the best gestures to make.

I chose this model because I think it reflects her power and I hope she puts it in a nice place and when she looks at it she will gather strenght from it or just to remind her that I am there loving her to bits.

Anyways, I present you: Daisy the Barbarian Queen.

By no means am I the kind of painter to really do well on these kind of showcase models but I still hope you like her.
I added the model to a block later with a personal text under it.
It's a 40mm scale model from Hasslefree miniatures.

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  1. Loooking very sexy and dangerous!
    Dont worry, great brush work!