Thursday 12 April 2018

My First Templar

Hey there,

Some time ago I bought me this set of miniatures because I really liked their look.

It is a set made by Gripping Beast and I really think it is one of the best kits they have ever made. Even the box they come in looks really nice. I wish they would do more like these.

Recently though I started working a lot with the conquest horses and I started altering models to fit on them. I raise them a bit so they are just as tall as the Fireforge ones and at first glance it is hard to tell the difference. I do like them a lot more than the Fireforge ones.The horses that come with this kit are fine. I believe a lot of the footsore miniatures sit on the same ones but they just dont match the other plastic ones I have used so far.  I want my templars to also fit in with my current models so I started working on them to fit on the conquest horses.
I also wouldn't be me if I didnt alter these to my own personal flavour a bit.

Here is the first one.

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