Monday 17 December 2018

The Lost Ones Part I

I am currently working on a new picture involving a bunch of saxon warriors lost in a snowy forest. Since I usually take pictures of miniatures that I am likely to use in one of my games and this is somewhat of an exception I thought it would maybe be nice to take you on a little journey building up to this picture.

Over the past 2 years I have been collecting several cool looking warriors from Footsore Miniatures. I really like their miniatures and I think Bill Thornhills sculpts are very characterful. I got the idea to make something like this because of all the furrs these warriors wear.

I imagined them walking through a dense forest that was covered in snow. Them having lost their way and perhaps finding themselves behind enemy lines. They would try to find out where they were and tread carefully not to get caught by the enemy.

These are the miniatures I plan on painting. I have also ordered some snowy landscape to dress up the picture which should arrive tomorrow.

Things will likely move quickly once I get going with this.

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