Thursday 14 February 2019

Cold Steel

Hey there everyone,

I have been saving this picture for a while now hoping I'd have some time to create a few more shots that would match this one in some kind of series. I've not been able to really land the idea in a result I'm happy with. I will keep trying of course but since I am moving soon I figured I would post it already.

It is one of those pictures that grew somewhat organically. I worked out where everything was supposed to go as I was looking through the lens and making everything match and work out. Those are the most fun to do because you can really make something great step by step.

This picture also features several of the yeomen I've been working on and that are now almost finished.

I named it: Cold Steel

This is one of my absolute favorites so far. Together with Be Without Fear and Lionheart.

1 comment:

  1. Superb. Your photographic, painting and modelling skills are fantastic. I really enjoy looking at what you produce and I am blown away each time a new picture arrives on your blog.