Tuesday 21 January 2020

WIP Troops

The last couple days I spend building this unit. It came together rather organically as the knight leading the charge there was initially intended for a different unit (the one in the background). I started shuffling things around and started gathering other miniatures to aid the unitless knight.

I also started experimenting with new weapons (this has a lot to do with me not owning enough metal halberts) I took some plastic weapons from other kits and to make them match the halberts that come with the Claymore miniatures I took some metal rods and put the weapon heads on there instead. This seemed to work and I was happy that i could say I made it my own by tweaking small things to my liking.

After fitting it all together in one unit I am now very happy with it. The unit looks like a raging bunch of bloodthirsty warriors and at the same time (and I credit this entirely to the wonderful sculpts) it invites to take a closer look to see what is going on there.

Like I said I'm really happy with them and the more I work on this project the more I think about gaming with them after all. I think Lion Rampant is the way to go for them as I already own those rules and they are nice and straight forward. 12 then also seems like the perfect number per unit. The larger ones I will make sure you can split into two seperate units without too much trouble.

Also notice the red and yellow boys are getting some reinforcements.


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