Sunday 12 April 2015

Welcome to my new hobby home.

Hello all readers out there. My name is Ralf but on the internet I go by Breazer. I've been active on several forums already so I figured I'd just keep the name. I am a great fan of the wargaming hobby. Although I don't actually get to play all that much I do really enjoy building, converting and painting my models and setting them up in great homecrafted scenes and take lovely shots of them for your viewing pleasure.

I've been working on the hobby for about 7 years. I've known about and own models for far longer but I really started and have ever since been trying to improve about 7 years ago. The most important lesson I've learned in all that time is that you can't do things half-hearted or try to save on your execution so since some years I have been trying to finish my projects all to the full extend. You can imagine I have quite a bit of stuff done already in all that time and to give you a good idea of what it is I collect and occasionally play with I have gathered my best looking pictures and collected them below.

It is mainly Citadel miniatures and nowadays mostly warhammer 40.000 but recently I started playing SAGA as well and I might give you guys a bit of a look into that venture as well. It is very likely that I will try to use this blog to get projects done and to stick with them until they are done and then move on to the next. It allows me a bit to show you what is done already and to order things a bit. After all I am on a mission to finish my forces and to finally get to that place where I can just buy a set and not have to worry about all the models that are still staring me in the face looking all sad because they don't have more colour. I guess you will likely not be reading this any more by this time so I will skip on ahead to the pictures.

I hope this is enough for you to stick around.

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