Tuesday 12 May 2015

Make way for the king of smash!

Hey everyone,

I finished the Ogryn and named him Robert for obvious reasons. He basically is Robert Baratheon in scifi version.

I also worked a bit more on Elferd himself. I took a bit of the giant mash of colours down. Muted some of the colours and added a backpack.

Here they are together with their buddies.

Done right in time for the campaign start. I know there are two more but I prefer painting a bit more on my armies. I'll make an update of what you can expect with a few pictures of cool stuff over the course of coming weeks. I am after all a giant hobby butterfly so it was already really hard sticking to just this.

Stay tuned!


  1. Cool update. I think Elferd does indeed look better now. Make sure to post updates about the campaign once it's on!

  2. For some reason Elferd reminds me of Master Bison from Street Fighter haha. Epic!