Friday 1 May 2015


Hey everyone out there,

It has been a bit quiet on my front because tomorrow is my birthday. That is not a reason in itself to not hobby. There is always time to hobby and if there is not than I make some. But I have been told to not buy anything because of coming gifts. Also a lot of cool images popped up on the internet of more mechanicus models and I am liking quite a bunch of those. All in all, insecure moments in an already butterfly-ish hobbyist mind. I think tomorrow will bring quite some Mechanicus models but I'll have to wait. I am excited though!

In the meantime I decided to direct my focus a bit more to my militia last stand.
These two guys will join the group and likely round it out like this.

This fellow is a pilot that managed to construct himself some sort of lasweapon. I imagine he crashed and they found him still alive and manufactured some sort of mechanical arm for him.

And this big guy will be the brute muscle of the group. I wanted him because he would stand out and add a great deal of diversity to the group. He hasn't got a name yet but by the time I start painting him I will come up with something. Painting him looks like a really fun thing.

Stay tuned!

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