Sunday 23 August 2015

Red Tide Rising

Hey everyone,

The Red Tide is starting to grow. I'm quite happy this is managing to grasp my attention for so long as it does right now but I just really like the Khorne models. The new blood warriors are great too. So they will likely show up here too at some point.

You have seen some of them in previous posts already but I just finished my first 10 blood reavers.
I named these guys my Doom Screamers. It's a small hint towards Dothraki because those are famous raiders too. But also because they are a bit weak without the armor and all.

To top things off I have A blood stoker for the lads too. He is pretty useful and he looks cool too.

I hope you like them and will tell me what you think.


  1. Awesome work! I'm a fan of the new Khorne miniatures myself. I can't wait to pick up the starter box.

    1. Hey Jordan, thanks for the reply and I can highly recommend the starterset.

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