Tuesday 20 October 2015

New Loot

Hey Everyone,

I think this blog has shown already that I am a hobby butterfly. It means I hop from project to project and hope to eventually finish something.

One of those things has always been building a giant knight army. My very first models were the bretonnian bowmen (the monopose ones). I always liked playing with knights and having a large force of them. I considered doing this with lego's when I found out about a thing called historica (look it up, it's very cool) but that seemed very expensive. I don't feel that the current Bretonnians offer enough to build what I want.

I turned towards the Perry brothers instead. They have a large range of models that would suit my purpose here. I decided to get me some and without really attaching any game (I'm sure I will at some point) I want to build and paint. Spending the last couple of weeks working on houses and ways to create banners etc. using the ideas that have been stuck in my mind for so long until finally my models arrived.

So this will be something new that hopefully I will be able to show you a lot of. I'll tag it for now as Knights armies. Here is my new loot so far.Probably not the last with the announced french models.

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