Tuesday 1 December 2015

December: "Do They Know It's Nurgle" Challenge

Hey everyone,

This December I would like to try something different. So I am setting aside my knights for a while. I am still eagerly waiting for the new Perry Miniatures to be released anyway to go absolutely beserk with them.

I would like to set up a small nurgle army for Age Of Sigmar and I will try to achieve that over the course of December.
I named this the: December "Do They Know It's Nurgle" Challenge. 
The Idea is simple and I wont pin myself to any deadlines but just enjoy working on this project this month. Clear my desk for some goopy slime and mucus. So It's not really a challenge just something fun to do over the holidays and other spare time.

What do I have in store, you wonder? I will keep things simple and use a lot of my daemons that I had planned for my nurgle army in 40k as well.


1. Great Unclean One.

2. 5 Putrid Blightkings.

3. 2x10 Plague Bearers

4. 3 Nurglings

5. Nurgle Spawn

6. 1 Chaos Lord with Mark of Nurgle.

7. 5 Mounted Chaos Marauders

8. 3 of those fantastic rumoured new chaos knights.

I will be going for a Diablo 3-esque feel on the Chaos guys (like I did with the Blightkings) and bright green for the daemons.

I hope you like my idea, do tell me in the comments and stay tuned ofcourse.

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