Wednesday 9 December 2015

Deck The Halls In Rot

Hey everyone,

This is the first real update in my challenge. I've started to assemble my force. I actually have some things done already that I will get to in the next post. For now I would just like to show you my Nurgle Plague Bearers.

These are some that I've had laying around for longer. Intended for a 40k army but they will now double for fantasy too. Great stuff. I am not entirely happy with the two painted guys and I want to pull them more towards what my GUO currently looks like.

 This will be their champion (they had none before, so he is new)

This is the second unit.

And some half painted nurglings. These are so great. 

Now you know what you can look forward to this month (and maybe after too)

A little thing about the first post. I saw the price of the Varanguard and as much as I like the models I think it is too much money for 3 models. I was already having some issues with them likely being around 40 euros so seeing as it is double I have decided to leave them out of the army and leave it as is now. 

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