Sunday 28 February 2016


Hey there,

So as you may have found out already, I own quite a few armies for warhammer and 40k. Non of them anywhere near finishing. Actually that isn't entirely true. I have been working hard on my forces over the last year and they are slowly getting to where I want them to be.

This year I picked up one of my first armies I ever did. I started with Bretonnians when I was a kid and not long after that I got my hands on a battalion box of orcs and goblins.
I could not resist picking them up after seeing a good friend play them and having a blast.

So I started rummaging through my old boxes and fished out a bunch of broken models and poorly treated paint jobs. I decided to really put effort into these guys and give them the love they deserve.

I did pick me up one new model and that is this incredible fella.

Grimgor Ironhide.

I hope you like him and will tell me in the comments.

Stay tuned for more greenskin.


  1. Good job! He's still my favourite Warhammer character after 16 years!

  2. Thank you, he is pretty awesome indeed! Also in the game.

    1. Anyone who headbutts Archaon is a winner in my books!

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