Tuesday 30 October 2018

So It Begins

I have been long considering diving into the world of Middle Earth. the world is so well established and so rich it offers itself for a lot of cool narratives. I was also very inspired by the pictures created by the hobbyist known as HVM. If you don't know him, look him up on facebook.

I bought some Uruk Hai miniatures on Ebay to make a start with painting something before I dive deep into the rules. I'd like to just paint something. In general I like to just make the estetics count for more than the rule efficiency

These are the miniatures I managed to salvage from my first Ebay order. 5 uruks with sword and board, 5 with pikes and one Uruk captain.

I will be going for a non traditional colour scheme for them. I rather have them look like other great orcs than the ones hailing from Isengard.

And So It Begins.

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