Saturday 25 July 2015

For The Blood God

Hey Everyone,

With the new Age of Sigmar warhammer set getting more and more populair I could not avoid getting one or two myself. I even got me a few more kits to flesh out my brand new idea. I am building myself a Khorne Bloodbound warband.

My local Games Workshop is hosting a campaign and for me that felt like the perfect excuse to put them on the table and cause some trouble. The campaign is starting today and I made a start on my warband already.

I felt that I had to add something fun to have a warband that won't be like all the other people that play Khorne warbands right now. So I added a Spawn to mine. I will just show you some pictures of the things that I managed to finish so far.

This is the champion of the Skullreapers and because the campaign requires us to name all our units I named my Skullreapers "The Crimson Harbringers".

These are the first two Blood Reavers (I named their unit the Doom Screamers sightly hinting towards Dothraki screamers) and My Spawn Buttons. 

 And Spawn Buttons

I hope you like them and will tell me what you think.

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  1. When you switched the weapons colour from blue to purple I wasn't fully convinced it would work as well as the blue did, but now I think it's better actually. Very nice job. I also like Buttons a lot. :D Good job, keep it up so you got a nice force to bring to the campaign day!